We are deeply saddened to announce the passing away of Dr. Susila Munisamy on May 27, 2016 after a brave two-year battle with lung cancer. She made significant contributions to the International Data Envelopment Analysis Society as an editor of the Data Envelopment Analysis Journal and the organizer of the 12th International Conference on Data Envelopment Analysis.

Susila was born on September 10, 1964 in Malaysia where she was educated, worked and lived most of her life. Susila was married in 1985 and was the mother of a son and a daughter.

Her academic life started in 1990 when she went to University Putra Malaysia to earn her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a master’s degree in Operations Research. In 2004, she received her doctor of philosophy degree in business and industrial studies from Warwick University, England.

Her life as a lecturer started in 1994 at the University of Malaya. She published more than 20 valuable papers and book chapters in the field of performance measurement and operations research, with a focus on Data Envelopment Analysis. In addition to teaching and research, Susila supervised several post-graduate students. She was the Head of the Applied Statistics Department at the Faculty of Economics and Administration at University of Malaya. She was promoted to the rank of a professor at the University of Malaya in 2015.

I got to know Susila well in 2013 when she was designated by the International Data Envelopment Society as the local conference chair responsible for organizing the 12th International Conference on Data Envelopment Analysis at the University of Malaya in April 2014. In my capacity as the President of the Society, I worked closely with Susila. She took on broad responsibilities and discharged her duties with diligence. I was most impressed with her enthusiasm and dedication, and how competently she handled all the details of the conference. She was a conscientious human being and a humble and approachable person. She showed her ability as a leader as well as a team player to accomplish the tasks effectively. The conference was a success well beyond the expectations of the Society.

Sadly, she was informed of the onset of cancer just a couple of months before the conference in 2014. She decided she would continue the organizing of the conference, postpone the more aggressive treatment and not let the cancer affect her work. She did not tell me about the diagnosis until the end of the conference. It is these qualities that will make her passing a big loss for the Society.

Prepared by Rajiv Banker with Delaram Najmaei